Track 01

” This Time Around”

Wil / L. Searle/ E. Walls

lyrics below:


Verse 1

You’ve been my best friend since we both were kids

My crazy wild eyed friend who nearly did me in

And me I covered you at every route

I liked to watch the fire explode before I had to put it out

Verse 2

Smokin joints you burned your dad’s shed down

And then you got so drunk I had to call your mom

And when you crashed that car i had my doubts

Still we laughed like fools for hours till we hurt from inside out



But I can’t save you from yourself this time around

I can’t be the one who always pulls you out

What was fun before my friend is dicey now

It’s time to stop this game and own up man your on your own

This time around

 Verse 3

Looking back on it you never hid

I watched you torch your marriage then you lost your kids

It took a while to see the damages

I watched your life implode then blow up right before my very eyes





This last time you only hurt yourself

But the next time you might hurt somebody else